Message from the co-ordinator

My heart leaps up with utmost joy while writing my view about PEC for the prospective students willing to pursue higher studies at this engineering college ever dedicated to creating new heights and horizons in the field of engineering academy. We at PEC have concern for the effective class management, adequate labs, and practical, supplemented through field visits. We understand the value of time and money invested by the students and therefore, makes every attempt in generating qualified and competent engineers. Every student has easy access to every authority for any academic and management issues of students’ concers.
I welcome all the prospective students and look forward to seeing you at this pioneer college of this region.


Program Co-ordinator

B.E. Programs


Undergraduate B.E. Programs

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering concerns to structural, material, environmental, water resource and geotechnical engineering. It deals with planning, designing estimating, constructing and maintaining buildings, roads, railways, tunnels, airports, bridges, dams, hydropower etc. Nepal is an underdeveloped country. Emphasize is given on their developments. Furthermore due to rapid urbanization there is emerged need to develop the modern and mass infrastructure for which the nation has already embarked upon its implementation. So there is wide scope of Civil Engineers within the nation. PU curriculum is updated and time relevant. Students are capable to compete in the international level too.

Computer Engineering

Considering the global change in the field of Information & Technology and observing the current trends leading to the future requirements and advancement in the technology, Pokhara Engineering College has accredited a 4 years Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering. Besides the common prospective of technical education, it offers the course with the collective specialization of Hardware and Software with quality focus always ahead through practical based studies. The course provides the opportunity for students to implement their skills in the field of software development, hardware and networking, design, installation and operation on automated systems. Where the world market is being leaded by the IT sector, PEC promises to provide potential, highly qualified and desirable IT professionals.

Electronics and Communication Engineering

The world today is the world of communication. Lives today would never have been so easy and successful without proper communication. PEC offers a 4 years Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering with its major prospects in the field of communication. Electronics has always been the colossal part of technology and has been facilitated by the communication means. The graduates in Electronics & Communication Engineering have opportunities in Government as well as private companies with its destined application in the field of telecommunication, wireless communications, interfacing of computer and electronics systems, installation, operation and maintenance of electronics equipments and systems, design and fabrication of devices, integrated circuits, embedded systems, security systems, robotics etc.


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