Message from the co-ordinator

PEC commenced Masters programs in Construction Management in 2009 under its expanding policy.ramesh The program has successfully completed fourth academic years with remarkable passing rate. Reputed institution and well known experienced faculty members are our pride and students’ are guided by every angle to provide them necessary inputes for a high class achievement. The program is designed to import construction management knowledge strengthen concepts and intellectual skills through course works case studies, seminars and project works and thus meets the needs of construction industries, research centers, development projects and educational institutions. It also develops innovative ability to solve new problems interact with multi-disciplinary group and multi-folder stakeholders in project management and also pin point concerning the needs and aspiration of the society as well. If you are a dynamic and potential engineer and willing to pursue challenging and rewarding career in construction management, PEC is your choice. Join hand in hand with us to come out as winner with lifetime achievements. ramesh

Er.Ramesh Banstola

Program co-ordinator in Construction Management

Graduate Program

Master of Science in Construction Management

Program Introduction

M.Sc. in Construction Management is one of the key disciplines, which has a prime importance in the development of any nation. Keeping in view of the ever-increasing need of inventive and farsighted construction professionals with managerial efficiency and Planning, PEC offers M.Sc Program in Construction Management.

Objective of the Program

The objective of the program are as follows:

  • To equip engineers of all branches, architects, builders and surveyors to play an effective role in managing construction projects.
  • To develop creative decision-making and problem-solving skills for success in a competitive business environment.
  • To produce high level construction management professionals.
  • To tie up construction industry and the academic institution for overall upliftment of the industry.
  • To establish a pioneering academic institution in the field of construction management in order to enhance opportunities of advance study and research in construction engineering and management in the country.

Course Structure


Semester Course Code  Course Title Credit
 First  MGT 511  Project Planning Control  3
   MNG 512  Human Resource Management 3
  STT 505 Statistical Analysis 3
  ECM 521 Professional Ethics and Liability in Construction 3
  ECO 201 Economic for Constuction Managers 3
    Total 15
 Second  ECM 522  Construction Policies, Environment & Law 3
   FIN 521  Financial Management 3
   ECM 523  Consctruction Project Managment 3
   ECM 524  Management of Construction Plan & Equipment 3
     Elective I 3
    Total 15
Third ECM 621 Construction Project Engineering and Administration 3
  ECM 622 Construction Safety Engineering 3
  RCH 601 Research Methodology 3
  ECM 623 Construction Management in Developing Countries 3
    Elective II 3
    Total 15
Fourth ECM 624 Thesis 15
    >Total Credit Hours >60
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