From the date of establishment of Robotics Club, professional skills, hardworking and patience in doing research oriented projects with the help of professional committee and laborious students are recognized nationally. Specifically, the club is focused on robot design in an innovative way. Not only this, size, weight and eventually performance are the basic key issues for the club. Aiming to compete with many recognized organizations is not only the part of life of Robotics Club at Pokhara Engineering College but also cracking many hazardous/abnormal problems with the use of artificial intelligence in Robot. The following pictures and certificates from various organizations are the evidence to support above mentioned statements.

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Recognition to Robo-Soccer and Robo-Shooter is not the huge achievements from Robotics Club. However, this was the initiation from those teas for the following team as committee has kept on changing according to the need and availability of the researchers and faculties. In a similar manner, Electronic Voting machine is another unforgettable project, which has been popular since 2005. Creative design to meet both global and local demands is the main aim of the Robotics Club. Electronic Voting Machine is the true example of the national demand at the edge of election time. Moreover, the team has been participating in National Robotics Competition since 2003. In 2005, robotics club proposed to initiate two projects: Speech Robot for Paralyzed People and Space Robot (finding the possibility of human life in space by testing moisture in soil). From 2005 onwards, robotics club engaged in designing two robots parallelly. Till this date, Robotics Club reached the destination. The direction, where the club wants to move is always supported by the rigorous discussion from the committee. Eventually, it touches the aim.

Speech Controlled Robot

Building a perfect robotic system with artificial intelligence in order to help abnormal people is the aim of the project from the date of initiation. The project members are Ramchandra Pokhrel, Dinesh Dhakal, Arun Kishor Sahani and Mahesh Tripathi from Pokhara Engineering College.

It is apparent that use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to robotic system makes the complete system smarter and more efficient, and less expensive than natural intelligence. In this robotic system, speech commands are used to control the operation. The system uses independent speech commands to control. These speech commands are predefined and easily understood by the system.

In our system, the paralysed patient speaks to control the operation of the robotic movement and eventually task is carried out accordingly. Using this system if the patient needs any things inside thernd 03 room or flat, it can bring them and take to the patient. In addition, an automatic light system is embedded in case dark room is to be explored. For better understanding, if machine feels the absence of light, then its own light automatically glows to search the objects. Also an implanted warning system is presented, which warns the patient by the use of alarm if any danger situation is observed. Due to which the patient can move to secure place with the help of robot. Remember that the whole operation including physical robotic system is viewed by the patient in television or computer. Furthermore, the patient controls the motion of the robots according to his/her requirement. The robotics system and computer are wireless connected (Radio controlled). The project group promised to improve the project in the following semester. Research & Development is still requesting to all the researchers, scholars, entrepreneurs and industrialists for their great cooperation.

Space Robot

The students of pokhara engineering college Awan Chaulagain, Jeevan Subedi, Ishwar Gautam & Rajendra Dhakal, are engaged to research life in beyond the earth. They are making a robot called space robot not only to play a robot but also for research purpose. The main aim of Space Robot is to find the possibility of human life in space (Mars).

This is always in every body’s mind and more challenging task for all researchers too. The space Robot will be able to collect the samples of the mud, to detect the Presence of water. It takes sample pictures and video from space to earth station.rnd 02

Space robot is computer based RF control. The possibility is to control the Robot from the Earth station by analyzing picture and video messages with the use of satellite. We estimate the size of Robot – 25x 35 cm x 1feet and 7kg’s weight.Research & Development at Pokhara Engineering College is always happy to conduct such a research oriented project and promised to shoulder this project in the days to come. The project group suppose that Government of Nepal should give priority to this kind of activities such that it will contribute the nation to identify itself as a country of researchers like that of the recognition of Mount Everest.

CPA Nepal 2011

A National Conference on the theme “Construction Project Administration in Nepal (CPANepal) 2011 was organized by PEC in association of other government and non government engineering organizations. It brought together the practitioners and national and international experts of the related field at a place to interact on burning issues in the field of construction projects and their management. The Conference was fruitfully concluded with findings like how to minimize contract conflict between parties and improve administrative part of such projects. It was a mega event ever organized in Pokhara and a pride to those who wish to make Pokhara either an occupational destination or a city of educational glory.


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