Aim : To get into research summit by analyzing root cause

Reaching an acme with the rigorous practice either within the PECians or with the great help of researchers (national and international), visiting faculties and important personalities.rndchief

Cracking any type of technical problems in an innovative way is the destination from the birth date of Research and Development (R&D) at Pokhara Engineering College. On the way to reach the objectives, Research and Development faced many phases of difficulties in many aspects. Hiring perfect researchers in this western region, Nepal is the primary difficulty. However, Pokhara Engineering College boasts recognized national research associates from different areas. Unfortunately, the committee has been kept on changing since its life began. On the other hand, equally catching difficulties are lack of resources, journal articles, conference proceedings, technical booklets and technical magazines. The later mentioned shortcomings are often common issues worldwide.

R & D Chief

Er. Saroj Giri


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