Thin shell design and construction

As usual, R&D wing is involved in research work this year too. The ongoing research is on ‘Thin shell design and construction considering maximum drift allowed during Earthquake’. It aims towards achieving modern design of thin shell structure having complex geometry in shape and capability of flexibility during earthquake. Civil Engineering students are engaged in the work. We take it as the first research of its kind in Nepal.

Electronics and Computer related projects completed at PEC

  1. Automatic Solar Tracker
  2. RF Controlled Land Rover
  3. GPS Based Information System
  4. Wireless Controlled Home Appliances System
  5. Monitor and Control of Greenhouse Environment
  6. GSM Based Temperature Monitoring System
  7. Secured Wireless Data Communication
  8. Cellphone Controled Mine Detector
  9. Automatic Ribbon Cutting Robot
  10. 4-channel Video Multiplexer
  11. Speech Controlled Voice Recognition Robot
  12. SMS Based Curtain Raising System
  13. SMS Based Corporate Security System
  14. RFID Based Security System
  15. Monitoring and Controlling Devices through PC
  16. Line Tracking Robot
  17. Electronic Voting Machine
  18. Remote Controlled Real Time Clock with Device Controller
  19. Digital Tachometer
  20. Soccer Playing Robot
  21. Video on Demand
  22. Image Steganography
  23. Video Conference
  24. Nepali Wordnet Specific to Nepali Wordsense Disambiguation
  25. Online Library System
  26. Student Attendance System using Fingerprint Technology
  27. Cyber Management System
  28. E-College
  29. Virtual Classroom

Some of the Civil Engineering related projects completed at PEC

  1. Sardikhola Small Hydropower Project
  2. Bijayapur III Small Hydropower Project
  3. Seismic Analysis and Structural Design of Multistoryed Apartmental Building
  4. Melbot Jhijirkot Roadway Project
  5. Structural Analysis and Detail Dersign of School Building
  6. Status of Solid Waste in Pokhara City
  7. Hill Road Design (Fursekhola Ramdi Mattikhan)


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