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Bachelor in Civil Engineering

Bachelor in Civil Engineering:

Civil Engineering is a 4 yeas course under Pokhara University. It concerns to structural, material, environment, water resource and geotechnical engineering. It deals with planning, designing, estimating, constructing and maintaining buildings, roads, railways, tunnels, airports, bridges, dams, hydropower, etc. 
Due to rapid urbanization, there is emerging need to develop the modern and mass infrastructure. So, there is a wide scope of Civil engineers within the nation.


Eligibility Criteria:

Students should have scored minimum of "C" Grade in all subjects in 10+2 (Secondary Level)


Students who have passed I.Sc. or 10+2 (Science), or I.E. or equivalent 2nd division or above from University or boards recognized by Pokhara University.


Course Duration: 4 years


Course Structure:

SemesterCourse CodeCourse DescriptionCredit Hours
FirstMTH 111Engineering Mathematics i3-2-0
 PHY 102Physics4-2-2
 MEC 189Thermal Science2-1-2
 MEC 109Engineering Drawing0-0-6
 CMP 103Programming in C3-0-3
 ELE 105Basic Electrical Engineering3-1-2
SecondMTH 121Engineering Mathematics II3-2-0
 CHM 103Chemistry4-1-2
 CMP 104Object Oriented Programming in C++3-1-3
 ENG 104Communication Technique2-2-1`
 MEC 178Mechanical Workshop1
 MEC 121Applied Mechanics I3-2-0
ThirdMTH 211Engineering Mathematics III3-2-0
 MEC 232Applied Mechanics II2-2-0
 MAT 20Civil Engineering Materials2-0-2
 WRE 250Fluid Mechanics3-2-2
 MEC 288Strength of Materials3-2-1
 GEO 262Engineering Geology3
FourthMTH 212Probability and Statistics3-2-0
 SRV 201Surveying I3-1-4
 MTH 317Numerical Methods3-1-3
 ELX 201Basic Electronics Engineering2-1-2
 STR 332Structural Analysis I3-2-1
 WRE 262Hydraulics3-2-3
FifthSRV 302Surveying II3-1-4
 GEO 373Soil Mechanics4-2-2
 STR 340Structural Analysis II3-2-1
 ARC 216Building Technology2-0-2
 HYD 301Engineering Hydrology2-2-1
 SRV 303Survey Field Project1
  Project II 
Sixth Irrigation Engineering3-2-0
 STR 410Design of Steel and Timber Structures3-2-0
 ENV 367Sanitary Engineering3-2-1
 GEO 383Foundation Engineering3-2-1
  Concrete Technology and Masonry Structures3-1-2
Seventh Hydropower Engineering3-2-1
 TRP 476Transportation Engineering I3-2-2
 STR 412Design of R.C.C Structures3-2-1
 EST 441Estimating and Valuation3-2-0
 MNG 410Engineering Economics 3-2-0
  Elective I3
EighthTRP 477Transportation Engineering II3-2-1
 MNG 430Construction Project Management3-2-0
 MNG 425Professional Practice5
 PRJ 400Project3
  Elective II5

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