Phirke Pokhara-8, Nepal

-Admission open for Bachelor level programs -Admission open for Master level programs

I believe it to be a subject of huge pleasure and honor for me to welcome you all through the website of Pokhara Engineering College. It is certainly very inspiring to observe that the college has engraved a name for itself in the academic development of the region. Education is the most powerful tool to bring desirable changes in our personality and also to bring positive changes in our society. It is the only medium which enables you to move from darkness to brightness.
Dear students and guardians, I kindly deem that there can be no better way to drive and improve our nation’s affluence, social and economic security than through its education system. I also believe that technocrats are the key contributors to economic and technological advancement of our country.
In this instance, I would take this opportunity to urge you all to focus on all round development. You should always have your education laced with morality and ethics. This task has to be taken over by the academicians to provide value and ethic-based education.
I sincerely hope and believe that respected academicians and promising technocrats will work with sincerity, honesty and dedication and thereby contribute to make this college a better place to study in.

Amber Gurung