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Diploma in Civil Engineering

Diploma in Civil Engineering:

Civil Engineering is one of the prominent and popular disciplines within engineering. Many people in the developed countries, developing countries and under developed countries have given emphasis for the broader application of Civil Engineering. This field has been helping the world for the all-round physical infrastructure development and it has been creating wage and self employment opportunities both in public and private sectors. 

Diploma in Civil Engineering is a 3 years ( 6 semesters) program run under the affiliation of CTEVT where students after SEE can enroll in this stream. This curriculum is designed with the purpose of producing middle level technical workforce equipped with knowledge and skills related to the field of Civil Engineering so as to meet the demand of such workforce in the country to contribute in the national economic development of Nepal. The knowledge and skills incorporated in this curriculum will be helpful to deliver the individual needs as well national needs in the field of Civil Engineering.


Eligibility Criteria:

• SLC Pass or SEE with minimum C grade in Compulsory Mathematics & Science and D+ in English. 

• Pre-diploma in Civil Engineering with minimum 67.00%. 

• Should pass entrance examination administered by CTEVT.


Course Duration: 3 years


Course Structure:

SemesterCourse CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
FirstEG 1101 SHApplied Nepali I4-0-0
 EG 1102 SHApplied English I4-0-0
 EG 1103 SHEngineering Mathematics I4-2-0
 EG 1104 SHEngineering Physics I4-2-2
 EG 1105 SHEngineering Chemistry I4-2-2
 EG 1211 CTComputer Application2-0-2
 EG 1101 AREngineering Drawing I1-0-4
SecondEG 1201 SHEngineering Mathematics II4-2-0
 EG 1202 SHEngineering Physics II4-2-2
 EG 1203 SHEngineering Chemistry II4-2-2
 EG 1201 CEWorkshop Practice I2-0-6
 EG 1201 AREngineering Drawing II0-0-4
 EG 2102 CEApplied Mechanics3-2-2
ThirdEG 2101 SHEngineering Mathematics III3-1-0
 EG 2101 CESurveying I3-0-4
 EG 1202 CEWorkshop Practice II3-0-9
 EG 2103 CEFluid Mechanics and Hydraulics3-1-2
 EG 2104 CEBuilding Construction6-0-2
 EG 2105 CEEngineering Materials4-0-2
FourthEG 2201 SHSocial Engineering2-0-0
 EG 2201 ARConstruction Drawing and CAD1-0-4
 EG 2201 CESurveying II3-0-4
 EG 2202 CEEstimating and Costing I3-3-1
 EG 2203 CEMechanics of Structure4-1-2
 EG 2204 CESoil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering4-2-2
 EG 2205 CEWater Supply Engineering4-1-2
FifthEG 3101 CESurveying III3-0-3
 EG 3102 CEEstimating and Costing II3-0-4
 EG 3103 CEDesign of Reinforced Concrete Structure4-2-2
 EG 3104 CETransportation Engineering I3-1-2
 EG 3105 CESanitary Engineering3-1-0
 EG 3106 CEConstruction Management5-1-0
 EG 3107 CEDesign of Steel and Timber Structure2-1-1
SixthEG 3201 CEField Survey Camp10 days x 8 hr
 EG 3202 CETransportation Engineering II3-0-0
 EG 3203 CEEstimating and Costing III3-3-0
 EG 3204 CEWater Resources and Irrigation Engineering4-2-2
 EG 3201 MGEntrepreneurship Development3-0-2
 EG 3205 CEProject Work0-0-10
 EG 3206 CEElective3-0-3
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