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TSLC Civil

TSLC in Civil Engineering (Civil Sub-overseer)

This programme is based on the job required to be performed by the Sub-Overseer in the construction sectors. It is related to construction engineering, technology of building construction, water supply and irrigation, sanitation, road and trail bridges sectors. The curricular program consists of one year in house training and six months on the Job Training.

Similarly, the On-the-Job Training (OJT) for 6 months insists on the application of learned skills and knowledge in formal setting as well as the provision of OJT is also included to establish a linkage with employers and provides hands on work experience to students that promotes employability. Moreover, OJT takes place immediately after completing yearly final examination.


Eligibility Criteria:

Individuals with following criteria will be eligible for this program:

  • SLC with any grade and any GPA (Since 2072 SLC).
  • SLC appeared (Before 2072 SLC)
  • Pass entrance examination administered by CTEVT


Course Duration: 18 months


Course Structure:

S. No.SubjectsNatureClass/WeekTotal Class/YearFull Marks
1.Computer Aided DraftingP27805050
2.Construction Materials T27850050
3. Construction TechnologyT+P623450100150
4.Engineering DrawingP41560100100
5.Engineering SurveyingT+P623430120150
6.Entrepreneurship DevelopmentT+P278203050
7.Estimating, Costing & SupervisionT+P41562080100
8.Road & Trail BridgeT+P41565050100
9.Water Supply, Sanitary and Irrigation EngineeringT+P41565050100
10.Workshop PracticeP62340150150
 Sub Total 4015602707301000
11.On-The-Job Training (6 months)  900  500
 Grand Total  2520  1500

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