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Diploma in Computer Engineering

Diploma in Computer Engineering

This is a 3 years (six semester) program under CTEVT where students after SEE can enroll. 
This curriculum is designed to foster knowledge and skills to the technician required by the computer engineering and information technology related industries and organizations in Nepal. The Diploma in Computer Engineering program extends over three years. Each year is divided into two semesters. There are six semesters in total within the period of three years. 

Eligibility Criteria:


Course Duration: 3 years


Course Structure:

SemesterCourse CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
FirstEG 1101 sHCommunication Nepali2-0-0
 EG 1102 SHCommunication English2-0-0
 EG 1103 SHEngineering Maths I4-1-0
 EG 1104 SHEngineering Physics I3-1-2
 EG 1105 SHEngineering Chemistry I3-1-2
 EG 1107 CTComputer Fundamentals3-0-3
 EG 1104 AREngineering Drawing1-0-3
 EG 1109 CTComputer Programming in C3-2-3
SecondEG 1201 SHEngineering Maths II3-1-0
 EG 1202 SHEngineering Physics II3-1-2
 EG 1203 SHEngineering Chemistry II3-1-2
 EG 1211 CTDigital Logic3-0-2
 EG 1205 CTObject Oriented Programming with C++3-0-3
 EG 1207 EEElectrical Engineering3-0-3
 EG 1215 CTWeb Technology & Programming I3-0-4
ThirdEG 1201 CTWeb Technology & Programming II3-1-3
 EG 2104 SHEngineering Maths III3-1-0
 EG 2105 CTData Structure and Algorithm3-1-3
 EG 2107 CTDatabase Management System3-1-3
 EG 2107 EXMicroprocessors3-1-3
 EG 2108 EXElectronic Devices & Circuits4-1-3
FourthEG 2211 EXData Communication 3-1-3
 EG 2212 CTSystem Analysis and Design2-0-3
 EG 2213 CT Visual Programming3-0-3
 EG 2214 CTComputer Architecture3-0-3
 EG 2215 CTComputer Repair and Maintenance3-0-3
 EG 2216 CT Computer Graphics2-0-3
 EG 2207 SHStatistics and Probability3-1-0
FifthEG 3101 CTComputer Networks3-0-3
 EG 3111 CTManagement Information System3-0-2
 EG 3112 CTApplied Telecommunication3-0-3
 EG 3113 CTDistributed Computing3-0-3
 EG 3114 CTOperating System3-0-3
 EG 3115 CTCyber Security and Social Ethics2-0-0
 EG 3116 CTElective I 4-0-3
 EG 3117 CTMinor Project0-0-2
SixthEG 3201 CTMultimedia Technology3-1-3
 EG 3211 CTInternet Technology3-1-3
 EG 3212 CTData Mining3-1-3
 EG 3213 CTSoftware Engineering3-0-3
 EG 3214 CTElective II4-0-3
 EG 3215 CTMajor Project0-0-6
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